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We provide all individuals and businesses with an effective, reliable and affordable social sharing solution. Select your package and make your website get the social media attention it needs!
  • 350 Facebook Signals
  • 160 Pinterest Signals
  • -
  • 10 Day Dripfeed
  • 1 URL


  • 1200 Facebook Signals
  • 480 Pinterest Signals
  • -
  • 15 Day Dripfeed
  • 1-2 URLs


  • 3800 Facebook Signals
  • 1550 Pinterest Signals
  • -
  • 20 Day Dripfeed
  • 1-4 URLs


  • 7800 Facebook Signals
  • 3200 Pinterest Signals
  • -
  • 30 Day Dripfeed
  • 1-10 URLs



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Your One-Stop-Shop for Real Social Signals

Social Signals are the likes, shares, retweets, pins that your Website receives on various social media platforms.

We can also refer to them as another form of backlinks. But why do they matter?
Here is the answer: They play a major role in SEO!

Apart from adding credibility to your content and highlighting the value of it, one of the most important benefits is that social signals can increase your organic reach and help your ranking in search results considerably!

If you take a look at the most successful websites today, you’ll see that they are all being shared, tweeted and pinned daily.
So, is you website receiving any social media attention? If not, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here!


Signals Rocket brings you an effective and reliable service, affordable for any website budget! Our carefully tailored packages include a mix of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest signals. We provide from 10-day-long drip to a month-long drip campaigns, ensuring your website gets the necessary attention from the most popular social networks.

So what are you waiting for?
Get ahead of the competition and boost your rankings! Buy Social Signals now to get started!

What We Are Offering

Quality Service
Guaranteed permanent signals. We only provide real and high quality signals which will remain stable over time.
Bulk Discounts
Want to place a large bulk order? Please contact us with details of the order you would like to place and we can provide you with a great deal.
Drip Feed
Our signals are dripped steadily over an extented period of time to mimic natural growth.
White label reports
If you'd like to receive the reports displayed with your own comany's logo or branding, simply get in touch and we can set it up for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions we are frequently asked, with some helpful answers.
1. When will my order start?

The promotional campaign is set up within 24 to 48 hours after you’ve placed your order and have received your processing confirmation email.

2. How many URLs can I submit?

Each package has a pre-set number or URLs that you can provide, which is specified in the package description.

3. What is Drip Feed Delivery?

Drip feed means slowly delivering the signals over the course of a set time, so the growth looks natural, rather than blasting them in one go. This method has been proven to maximize the benefits of social signals.

4. Do you provide reports?

You’ll receive an initial report once the campaign has been set up. After the service has been delivered, we will email you the final report with your campaign details.

5. Can you speed up the delivery?

Yes. Please submit your request on the Order Details section after you proceed to checkout or email us after placing the order.

6. Why are my signals not showing up?

1. The social checker hasn’t cached the signals yet.
2. You have changed your URL mid campaign from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa.
3. You decided to redirect (301) the URL to another one.

7. Will the signals drop over time?

Our social signals come from real accounts, so rest assured that they will remain stable over time.

8. Is the service safe? Does my website risk getting penalized?

The service is 100% safe. There is no way of getting your website penalized.

9. What URLs are not accepted?

We do not accept:

  • Social Media URLs (Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Redirected URLs (URLs that redirect to another URL when opened)
  • Sites that would go against the terms of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: Adult content, Pharmaceutical sites, gambling etc.
10. Do I need to add Social Share buttons to my website?

It is not required for you to have social share buttons embedded on your website for us to deliver the service.

Henry S.
This will continue to be my go-to service for social signals. Very satisfied! Already noticed improvement in rankings for 2 of my keywords. I also appreciate the reports. Thank you!
Steven L.
Excellent! High-quality social signals every time! I can always count on you guys and I have to say I'm really happy with your work! 5/5 would recommend!
William M.
I have been working with Signals Rocket for well over 3 months now. These guys always overdeliver and get me the results I need!
Ross P.
Fantastic service and great communication! Everything was delivered as promised. I will definitely be back for more!